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“You Call Mine Silicone, But Yours Is Injected With Cement” – Chichi Fires Back At Phyna (VIDEO)



Popular BBNaija star, Chichi has mocked Phyna’s backside, saying it appears to have been injected with cement.

Chichi on Phyna


You may recall that days ago, Phyna took to her social media page to show off her backside while criticising people whose own have silicone implants. She claimed her derriere was natural.



Chichi took to her page to fire back at Phyna by saying that her backside looks injected with cement, adding that Phyna draws inspiration from her.


She tweeted; “Fact remains I am the fountain you fetch your inspirations from.
You call Mine silicon, yours is injected cement in your derriere.
I’m your Mother! 🐖”.

Chichi on Phyna

Chichi also posted a video shaking her humbum and said; “Good night from this round we’ll curved bum bum 🥂 😊”.

Chichi on Phyna

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