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Kanye West Sued For S£×u@! H@rr@$$m£nt By His Former Assistant (DETAIL)



Kanye West’s former assistant, Lauren Pisciotta who worked for him in 2021 and 2022 has filed a lawsuit against the rapper, accusing him of sexually harassing her, firing her without cause and failing to pay her what she was owed.

Kanye West former assistant

Lauren said she was primarily supporting herself via an OnlyFans profile in 2021 when she and West met. He hired her to help work on his fashion line, the suit says, but she also ended up collaborating on 3 songs included on West’s album “Donda.”



In 2022, West asked her to stop using her OnlyFans account and offered her a $1 million-per-year salary for doing so and she agreed, according to the suit. After that, West began sending her sexually explicit text messages. This escalated, according to the lawsuit, to West masturbating while talking to her on the phone and sending her pornographic videos he made with another woman.


She was later promoted, the suit says, with a salary of $4 million yearly, but then in late 2022 she was fired. West offered her severance of $3 million, the suit says, but she was never paid.


Among the accusations listed in the lawsuit, Pisciotta is suing for breach of context, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, hostile work environment, gender discrimination, unlawful retaliation and unpaid wages.


She’s seeking coverage of all legal fees, compensatory and punitive damages, penalties to be applied under relevant labor laws and any other damages the court may deem appropriate.

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