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Alex’s handler reacts to CeeC’s statement about her desire for Alex to be evicted…(DETAIL)



Alex’s handler reacts to CeeC’s statement about her desire for Alex to be evicted...(DETAIL)

The handler of Alex twitter account has reacted after Ceec revealed she wants Alex evicted so she can have peace and advance her stay on the show.


In response, Alex handler tweeted:

“You go wait for more seven weeks for that peace wey you dey find…..a prayer for Alex, screentime for Alex”


Some comments on social media:

But I like how they don’t like each other and make it clear to eachother. No pretense



If only CeeC knows she is way bigger and has more repute/publicity than Alex, she would stop allowing Alex live rent free in her head and giving her unnecessary highlights. CeeC alone is a force to reckon with. With or without Alex. She needs to understand they’re not and will never be on the same level and avoid Alex completely. Her environment is messing with her head and making her to devalue herself to be down to their level but it’s all good. It’s all part of life lessons.



The handler is a sweetheart abeg! For this thing she just said sef, May her bitterness be the start of her ruin! How person go just dey evil like this on top game and man that has gotten married , has kids and has moved on???? TF???? 😅😂😂😂



Same Alex told Ceec to her face during the truth and dare game that she wants her out of the house. Ceec saying her own now and her handler is going cray cray. Both handler and Alex are Spartans, you can’t tell me nothing


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