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“My husband didn’t beat me”- Chacha Eke Speaks about her marital issues (VIDEO)



Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke who is currently admitted in the hospital, has revealed her real reason for trying to divorce her husband.


Recall that the actress did a video some days ago, stating that she is tired of her marriage & she needs a divorce.


She said;

“I know people will say I am crazy, but i am not. This video is to let the world know i am done. I am done finally and i am leaving with my life. You will hear my story”

Reports claimed that the actress marriage to Austin Fanni, crashed due to series of domestic violence. The actress was also rushed in an ambulance to a hospital in Asaba.


Speaking from her hospital room this evening, Chacha said her husband has never beaten or shouted at her. She also claimed to be suffering from Bipolar Disorder & has been receiving treatments from psychiatrists.



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“Please Put Us In Your Prayers”- Actress Toyin Abraham Says As Nkechi Blessing Loses Her Mum



Popular nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday has lost her mum to the cold hands of death.


Her colleague, Toyin Abraham made the announcement on social media few hours ago.


Nkechi Blessing loses mum




In other news, Nkechi has revealed the main reason why she keeps her wedding photos off social media.



Nkechi Blessing

Nkechi stated that she is not ready to make her marriage entertainment on social media. The actress deleted the post few hours after she shared it.


Nkechi wrote:

“Divorce rate is so high because people are ready for weddings not marriage… Ya all waiting for me to post my wedding pictures before you believe I am married…LMAO! I NBS wants a marriage and not a wedding ain’t ready to make my relationship your entertainment,” 




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“Ladies, Stop Filming S*xual Intercourse With Your Partners, It’s Tasteless & Tacky”- Kemi Olunloyo Reacts To Tonto & Kpokpogri Saga



Journalist Kemi Olunloyo has reacted to the allegations of Tonto’s S** tape and other celebrities in the possession of Prince Kpokpogri.


Kemi Olunloyo advised ladies not to film their Se*ual activities with their partners.


She wrote:


“On Ms Tonto Dikeh and Prince Kpokpogri my advice is that ladies should stop filming se*ual intercourse/nudity with your partners. This is the core issue of blackmail here with everyone using their past lovers against each other. Your children are watching and the internet is clicking Save”




Reacting to his break up situation with Tonto, Prince Kpokpogri denied having s** tapes of Janemena and other celebrities as insinuated by Tonto.


Prince Kpokpogri wrote:


My awesome T, like I call you

Knowing you has been pleasurable. It will be a disservice to the institution called love if I say it was a regret knowing you as it wasn’t. It may have been a short memory but it’s such that will last a life time.

Did I love you? Absolutely yes. In your weaknesses and vulnerability, I still loved you and was ready to walk you through the challenges of life. I gave you the chance to be yourself irrespective of the negative impression I was given about you. Despite warnings by top political and corporate friends to be careful while dating you, I opened up my heart to you and access to the sanctuary of my heart. It was all love nothing more. Apart from love and care expected of you as a lover, you had nothing to give me. You gave me a refurbished hilux on my birthday without a SINGLE car paper not even the custom paper or receipts showing it was bought and I returned it back to you. It took the intervention of your friend and my friend for me to grudgingly take it back from your house and park in mine.

In our hurts, we do not burn bridges for we will always cross them again. This tenet I have lived with all my life.

Countless times, I complained to our mutual friends of how tired I was due to your heavy smoking and drinking. I made it clear I was going to walk away if it continued yet you never stopped or made effort despite my willingness to stand by you till you gradually stop.

Long before the voice note was released, I ended the relationship. It was no shock then that after I called it quit, you allegedly conspired with a blogger who already reached out to you about the voice note before the breakup to now release it. I’m ready to foot the NDLEA cost to carry out a test on you if you never abused hard smoking and heavy drinking and if found to be false, I will waive my right to trial for one year. This was what broke us up and not an aftermath voice note
I have deliberately avoided the issue of Janemena till now but it will be selfish of me to allow the poor lady who has lived and still living a virtuous life to be dragged into our breakup which has become messy. Is Janemena my friend? Yes! Beyond going to her shop opening year”

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#BBNaija: “I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and start looking for you in this house” – Liquorose tells Emmanuel (VIDEO)



Bbnaija Shine Ya Eye housemate Liquorose has warned her co-housemate & lover, Emmanuel,  at night that she doesn’t want to look for him when she wakes up in the morning.


Liquorose Emmanuel

Rose and Emma were cuddled in each others arms on the bed as they discussed, Emmanuel was singing, when he finished, Liquorose told him never to play a disappearing prank on her like the way Nini played on Saga yesterday.


She said:

“I don’t want to wake up tomorrow morning and start looking for you in this house”.



In other news, Ex-housemate of Ultimate love reality show, Dr. Cherry has criticised the Emmarose ship.


According to her ,Emmanuel is faking his love for Liquorose, same way her ex, Michael who was her co-housemate then faked his love for her.


Dr Cherry


Cherry tweeted:

“Ok!Sorry to say this,Dear #EmmaRose shippers, as someone that have been in a relationship where a guy faked feelings for me to trick fans🤦I jst took time to notice #Emmanuel is faking his feelings for #Liquorose pretty sure he has a gf out here😏cos mine did #BBNaijaShineYaEyes”




As expected, fans and Emmarose shippers dragged her for the tweet. Read few comments below:



Girl you didn’t have fans to begin with…you cal yourself a DR but you just won’t use sense. Clout chasing is your thing I did it with Tacha now you’re using Liquorose and Emmanuel??? Abeg getat and stay invisible



@drcherryb didn’t you see her campaigning for liquorose the last time she was up ? I mean Emmanuel supposed girlfriend as you source said look here we don’t need your hot take please


Ehen! I’m back!!! It’s how you all have stupid things to say about people’s relationship! Does Emmanuel look like your loser ex? Or does Liquorose look like you?? You better face your hospital work! Voetsek!! #BBNaija




Omo u really chose to be unfortunate tonight..
Emmanuel is nothing like that Gay ex of urs
Stop projecting ur heartbreak and insecurities to us…u came here when shippers were happy and enjoying u started trouble when they retaliate u cry… Miss face ur stagnant life Pls


Get out u stupid idiot, we know u just want engagement..did u not hear Emmanuel say thats his friend?? Jokes on you 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣….everyone wants popularity on top of Emmarose matter, whose the content again??



😂😂😂😂😂cherry blossom! Aowa man stop… is not Emmanuel’s fault that you and your Micheal didn’t work out…. leave emma alone and deal with the insecurities you had about Micheal…. thank you🍒🍒🍒



Who’s this one again? Where were you when we were solving this princess issue? Was your Wi-Fi disconnected? Please crawl back to that hole you came from you are late for the party hanty we are on climax🤣🤣🤣


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