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Nickie Dabarbie vows to sue Skiibii as she is ready to release drug test result (VIDEO)



Nickie DaBarbie and skiibii

Famous Nigerian Instagram Model and dancer, Nickie Dabarbie is ready to disclose her drug test results and file a lawsuit amidst hefty allegations she got from singer, Skiibii Mayana few days after she rescued herself from his den.

Nickie allegedly escaped the singer’s ritualist den with bruises, accusing him of an attempt to use her for money rituals.

nickie darbabie

The model took to her Instagram story, Nickie Dabarbie revealed she underwent a drug test as proof of her drink being laced by the singer.

DaBarbie also vowed to drag the singer to court for his attempt on her life and the emotional damage caused during the incident and after.

“The result of the drug test I did is out and I will post it shortly so you all will see the substance that they gave me to drink, after that I will take legal actions and slam them with a lawsuit, I will never let this thing that happened to me go,” she stated.

It is worth noting that many were divided on the issue of the incident; some argued that Nickie had too much to drink while others believed her story.

See the live video she made below…

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