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“If I don’t talk now and I di3, people will say I didn’t speak up” — Movie director, Sammy White Opens Up On How His Wife Has Been Treating Him Since They Got Married (DETAIL)



 Famous Nollywood Movie director, Sammy White, has taken to social media to call out his wife, Grace, crying how she has put him through h£ll since they got married in 2020.

Sammy White

According to Sammy, in a chat with the media platform, his wife’s attitude towards him changed, immediately after they got married and had their 3 kids.

The movie director further noted that she always had a scuffle with him every week and d£§troyed his properties.

He said;

”Please, I need your help to let the world know what I’m passing through in my marriage. I married a tøxic woman, I don’t know what I did to her to warrant these tribulations from her. Grace abandons our children to sleep outside our home. She left them with me for over a year and went to be with another man. I was the one who nursed and raised these kids while their mother was missing-in-action.

As a result of her actions, I’ve changed houses thrice and somehow, she always shows up at the location of each house to cause trouble. She reported me to her mother and her sister and they ordered police to arrest me on two different occasions. It was not until I opened up to her relatives and showed them evidence of her actions before they realized that I wasn’t at fault. On another occasion, she left the kids with me for two weeks to go chill with another man. My friends told me that they saw her in a pastor’s house and that it was the pastor who gave her money to d¥mp me.

This woman goes as far as embarrassing my clients. She insists I must be a stay-at-home husband and take care of the kids instead of hustling to provide for the family. While she goes out to work, I’ll prepare the kids for school. Take them to school and stay with them till my wife returns from her job at 7pm”

Sammy White Movie Director

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