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“Wizkid Is Just A Superstar, But Davido Works Harder” – Akon Drums Support For Davido Over Wizkid (DETAIL)



Akon has caused an online stir, according to him, while Wizkid is a superstar known for releasing hit records sporadically, Davido stands out for his consistent output and determination.


Akon emphasized Davido’s relentless work ethic, describing him as the “hardest working artiste” who rose from being an underdog to a major force in the industry.

The Grammy-nominated artist known for his global hits shared his opinion during a recent interview.

Akon also revealed he has a personal relationship with Davido and admiration for his energetic nature.

However, the superstar admitted to being cautious about openly favoring Davido over Wizkid due to the passionate fanbase Davido has amassed.

He jokingly mentioning the potential backlash he might face from Davido’s loyal supporters, should he drop a negative comment about him.

Akon said;

“Wizkid is just a superstar. He is one of those guys who would put out one record a year and that record last a whole year. He was born a star,”

“Davido is like the hardest working artiste because he was the underdog back then. He will beat you with quantity versus quality.”

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