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“Why are you so obsessed with someone’s husband like this eeeh?” – Netizens react as actress Uju celebrates Frederick Leonard’s birthday before his wife (DETAIL)



Netizens have queued up the comment section, after Nollywood actress Uju Okoli, celebrated actor, Frederick Leonard on his birthday first, before his wife did.

Few days ago, according to Cute Juls an Instagram blogger, it was reported that Uju Okoli and Frederick Leonard were allegedly having affairs together. Uju Okoli is not married, but Frederick is married.

Uju Okolie

Uju Okolie

Momedia cannot confirm if Frederick and Uju Okoli really dated, but they are colleagues and close friends who have featured in several Nollywood movies together.

Many months back, Uju was dragged on social media for striking very sensitive pose with the Nollywood actor, which made people feel suspicious about what they might have in secret together.

To the recent development, Uju Okolie celebrated the Nollywood actor on his birthday before his own wife did, with a caption;
“BADDO BADDO BADDO @freddieleonard 🙌🙌🙌….today I no go write plenty……but just know say
I love you plenty❤️
Happy birthday my REALEAST❤️
And THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN (e get why)🙏
See the post below…

Netizens took to the comment section to react…

datmelanin_gurl wrote: “Back then Na so Judy go write under yul post
I too love this man my personal person when posting him on his bday
Now she is his second wife
Omo things Dey happen sha oh😂😂😂😂😂”

binaugo wrote: “Peggy needs to put a stop to all these bullshits, I love you so much, I love you plenty for someone’s husband. Put a damn respect to their marriage. Peggy better shine your eyes.”

jacquelilaylor wrote: “❤️❤️The haters need to get sense. Frederick and Uju had been very close friends before he got married. There are different types of love 1. Eros: sexual passion. 2. Phillipa:deep friendship. 3. Ludus: playful 4. Agape: love for everyone.5 Pragma: longstanding.6.Philautia: love of self.7 Storge: family love 8 Mania: obsessive love. Enough of this senseless talk. Did his wife complain to you? Get sense, and get out of people’s business. Frederick has a great relationship with everyone. He has told many ladies he loves them. But you all always seem to only get vexed when it’s Uju. Leave her alone. Your foolish talk with not stop them from being friends.”

jyne55 wrote: “My dearest Peggy this is exactly how it all started with Yul before everything scatter, May herself even welcomed Judy into her home and cooked for her oo.make una open your eyes”

vicramsha wrote: “What God has joined together let no devil inform of Nollywood actress put asander. Make una fear God oo, respect the marriage sanctuary”

adu_esther_ wrote: “Why are you so obsessed with someone’s husband like this eeeh? Get yourself a husband first and let’s see. Some of you can’t even take half the things you do to other married women🥲 give this man a break”

Some hours later, Babarex’s wife finally took to her social media page to celebrate her husband.

See below…

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