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Queen’s Husband Is Using Her Ch!ld To Chase Cl0ut, He Won’t Take Care Of The Baby- VeryDarkMan Says (VIDEO)



Activist & Social commentator Verydarkblackman has shared his opinion once again about Reality Tv star, Queen Mercy, her husband and child.

It’s worth noting that the reality star and her fiance had their civil wedding yesterday, March 17, 2024.

Verydarkblackman, opened up about why he believes the marriage of Big Brother Naija star, Queen Atang, and her husband might not last. He believes Queen and her husband are just doing everything for public validation and not because they love each other. He also added that once Queen gives birth to other children, her husband will neglect her daughter, Princess Keilah.


See video below:



Some reactions online:


When you see a man who is poorly raised and lacks love at home you would know. Dirtyman


Very Dark man made a lot of sense in this video… A lot👏👏 and he is right, the wedding indeed was meant for the couple, even people that have their kids before getting married, don’t make it about the kids. Only point that may not be so true is the new daddy loving the child differently, if she was already a teenager when they married, maybe, but since she is still a child I doubt it.



@verydarkblackman I understand your parent failed in training you doesn’t mean others will because if your parent didn’t fail you won’t have posted your n*des on social media selling them….so rest!!!!



Etebe inua. Enu eru. If she drops the baby, you will come to say she abandoned the baby. Why she go carry her baby give person on her own wedding? @verydarkblackman you are ev!l. Her own mother’s marriage. The baby should be kept aside just to massage man’s ego. And even if she did that, you will still come out to talk. Your karma is coming soon.

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