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Kizz Daniel & Wife React To Gistlover Allegations Of Cheating & Domestic V!olence (VIDEO)



Singer, Kizz Daniel & his wife, Mjay Anidugbe, have shared another romantic video days after Gistlover accused the singer of beating his wife occasionally & cheating on her with several women.


Kizz Daniel & Wife React To Gistlover Allegations Of Cheating & Domestic V!olence (VIDEO)

Kizz Daniel shared a new video with his wife, laughing. He captioned it:

Wo 😂 @mrsanidugbe MAFO Aya Oba 👑, welcome to socio medium !! Do your thing and prosper Queen 👸 All the best
Abeg go 🏊🏽‍♂️ TZA – OUT NOW !!!

Kizz Daniel & Wife React To Gistlover Allegations Of Cheating & Domestic V!olence (VIDEO)



Fews days ago, Gistlover reported:

Hello tueh tueh, once upon a time, there is a young naive girl who is a great dancer, she comes from a not so privileged family so she started using the dance as a means of survival for her, in one of her numerous jobs as a dancer she met a very popular musician, this musician is good at what he does, all his songs are perfect but na one thing spoil am, he has temperament issue that he can’t control, he saw this young naive girl and he wanted her for the night at all cost thinking she is one of those dancers who multitask ( olosho and dancing ) the young girl refused and this got the musician angry because according to him he gets all he wants, long story short their next meeting he sha made sure he had his way with her and that first night turned to pregnancy, the young dancer didn’t have a way of reaching oga musician as they were not dating, she tried all her possible best to reach him and after one month later she was able to reach him.

All hell was let loose when she finally reached out to him, he said he is a musician who is not ready to settle down now and he isn’t even dating the girl, say na just a night fling and she re surface with belle one month after, after plenty back and forth and intervention from the girls family, me musician said he will accept the baby not knowing they are three babies in there and that once she give birth he will collect her pikin and she no get anything to do with her again, months later after them do scam na him them see say Wahala don happen, lo and behold, na triplet Dey there, ha triplet keh, musician was thinking he will collect just one baby and probably hire a nanny to take care of the baby now wey pikin Don be 3,what next? They came to an agreement that the girl will live with him but not as his wife but as the nanny to his kids and to be able to breastfeed them, na so the girl begin live with him ooo, he made life a living hell for her, when the girl gave birth, it was triplet but they lost one at birth, so they were left with twins, when they gave birth , a certain devil blogger names gisltover Carried the news but the musician debunked it.

The maltreatment started and he made sure he blocks all her family,

made sure no family has access to her, she was living with her kids like a live in nanny, the musician said she was going to pay her off once the kids are 5, the family could not visit her in the house, she was made to sign a form not to come up and drag the Musician online, she es made to stay indoor all through and not go out , even the normal hospital check up for the kids were home service, the musician controlled all that has to do with the girl so the gist won’t get out but unfortunately the family of the girl are always crying to the devil blogger dm.

The musician has access to the girl phone but the girl doesn’t have access to his own phone , he practically monitors her so the girl won’t have opportunity to discuss the situation of things with anyone, the girl became a shadow of herself, the Musician will go out all day come in the middle of the night and request for freshly cooked food from a mother nurturing twins, the girl family tried to reach out to the musician but he refused any meeting, the girl said she wants to start a business, the musician refused and asked her if she was hungry staying in the house.

He isolated her and it graduated into beating at any little provocation, once he is calm he apologizes again that he can’t control his anger,he bought properties in the name of the kids they have together but the humiliation didn’t stop, this lady asked that she doesn’t even want to be associated with her but she wants her life back, she wants her old instagram page back , she wants to connect with her old friend but the musician declined and changed the password, the girl keeps enduring and putting up with all his excesses, the family of the girl too quit trying and accepted their fate.

Then something happened, seeing that a particular musician is using his Igbo wife for promotion and it’s working for him, the musician wants to follow the trend so he told her he is ready to give her his freedom now but he should follow his lead, firstly he made her have an appearance in his music video, then a particular brand wanted to sign the musician, he has a deal with them that they will announce that the brand signed the wife so it


so they planned that the brand will announce that the brand signed the wife just to create a controversy round the musician and so the world can see that the musician is taking care of his wife ( abracadabra) the more you look the less you see😀😀😀

The brand agreed to the plan and they did the stunt, the girl after seeing that she is finally getting her freedom asked the musician if she can have access to her old page now, the musician refused and went ahead to open a new fresh page for the girl and the girl doesn’t even have password to the page, the page is controlled by the musician himself, in as much as I love the happiness on the young naive dancer face, I just hope this happiness last forever, is it that the musician later fall in love or the musician is just using her to promote himself, because the deal the musician signed with the girl is mot marriage and he still brings home several girls to the house hiding under the umbrella that he is not married to her🤦🏽‍♂️

if him don fall in love, good for them and I am happy for them at least the sufferness on the girl part paid off but if he is using her to promote himself like one other famous singer is doing too, that’s so selfish and inconsiderate of him, you ko want marry am you no want let am go, pick one oga musician, even the other musician that you went to copy his pattern, at least that one marry the girl and allow the girl have a life, your own want come too much pass your mentor oooo, it’s either you fall in love or let her go.Mr Man showa in love ? Decoders another work for una this hot afternoon ooo, put a name to the puzzle , Igi ewedu oni wo pawa oooo, i come in Peace

Note: the owner of this gist likes to keep a clean image on the media so he will go to any length just to prove his innocence, no be today tnem Dey debunk now, some go even post cut and join receipt to debunk , at the end of the day truth go sha come out ni🤣🤣🤣so all the debunkers oya over to una, Mo ri yi na 🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽

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