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“She Kn@cked Lord Lamba For Only One Month Before Pregnancy…There’ll Be Many Hiccups in That Marriage Because You’re a Second Choice — VDM to Queen’s Fiancé (VIDEO)



Online Activist, Very Dark Man has shared his opinion over the controversy between Queen Mercy Atang and Lord Lamba.


Very Dark Man revealed in a video on his instagram page that Queen & Lamba were neighbours who were not in any serious relationship, they only slept  together for one month before Queen suddenly got pregnant and wanted commitment.


According to VDM, Queen requested that Lamba post her and their baby on his instagram page, to which he refused, stating that he wanted his relationship and child to be private, to avoid trolling on social media. Queen got upset and returned to her former relationship with a guy she dumped when he didn’t have money.


See full video below:


Some reactions on social media:

This one is allergic to any woman’s happiness. He practically feeds on destroying women.


With all due respect man, keep quiet and sit this one out……a man who would not claim his child publicly is a SIMP. A man who has to wait till his ex found a new man to post his child is the SIMP.


VDM how much did Lamba pay you for this damage control, this is terrible 😞


The fact this guy feels he needs to have a say in every matter 🚩 🚩🚩🚩🚩


They said same about Jane Mena, they are watching them having baby upon baby, happy and still going strong 😂 when you analyse finish drink water to wet your throat


I blame all of you that give this d!rty lout audience , that’s the only reason he feels he can analyze people’s lives.


You talk too much. You should have just gotten a cleaning or care job in the UK. Everytime cho cho cho cho cho cho cho cho cho cho



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