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“I Would Never Understand Girls/Women Who Date Married Men. Do You Enjoy Being Another Woman’s Source Of Pain” – BBNaija Ifuennada Blows Hot At Side Ch!cks



Ex-Big brother Naija housemate, Ifeunnada has criticised ladies who are side ch!cks to married men.

"I Would Never Understand Girls/Women Who Date Married Men. Do You Enjoys Being Another Woman's Source Of Pain" – BBNaija Ifuennada Blows Hot At Side Ch!cks

In a recent post shared on her social media handle, the reality TV star took out time to address ladies who are dating married men.

She noted that she couldn’t never live with a cheating husband, and she’s baffled at women who are side chicks to married men, asking if they enjoy being a source of pain to their fellow women.

She wrote:

“Advice For Married Women

I wish all married women who have decided to stay with their cheating husband’s will get right with G0d and start laying heavy curses on their husband’s side chicks.

Trust me, as long as you’re right with G0d, whatever curse you lay on those side chicks will work because God is a covenant keeping God (Psalm 88:34). You got into a covenant with your husband and with G0d when you said those vows… G0d does not break his covenants, so if anyone is trying to violate G0d’s covenant with you. You have the power to decide their fates.

Personally, I won’t tolerate a man who cheats for a living, but if you’ve decided to get married to a cheating husband, I want to believe G0d instructed you to do so because he sometimes requires us to do things that don’t make sense to us (Hosea 1:2). The bottom line is that you also have the power to decide what happens to your cheating husband – whether good or bad.”

See her remaining texts in screenshots below:

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