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“Nigeria Is Better Than UK. Most People Living In The UK Are So Unhappy It’s A Lonely World Out Here” – Verydarkman Reveals (VIDEO)



Popular Nigerian activist and celebrity, Verydarkman has revealed why Nigeria is better than UK.

Nigeria is better than UK - Verydarkman

Few days after traveling to UK, Nigerian activist, Verydarkman has taken to social media to reveal that UK is not an enjoyable place.

Verydarkman expressed that everyone in UK is living a robotic life, as if they are being controlled by a remote somewhere.

According to Verydarkman, the only thing they do daily in UK is to go to work and come back home, and there is no time for flex and enjoyment.

Further speaking, Verydarkman shared that almost everyone in UK is depressed, and the only thing good about UK is the economy, security and good road.

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