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“How To Win A Grammy” CEO Of Grammy Awards Reveals What To Do If You Want To Win A Grammy – (VIDEO)



The CEO of the Recording Academy, Harvey Mason Jr has disclosed the criteria the Academy uses to pick its award winners.

Harvey, the first Black CEO of the company, noted that sales and topping charts were not even on the list of ways one can secure the coveted award. According to Harvey, one could have a multitude of fans globally and sell millions of records but that will not assure him of a Grammy

"How To Win A Grammy" CEO Of Grammy Awards Reveals What To Do If You Want To Win A Grammy - (VIDEO)

First you have to understand, that the only way to win a Grammy is to have the Membership of the Academy vote for you,” the 55-year-old stated.

He went on to outline what goes into the selection process as he confirmed that only the USA creatives are allowed to make the decision.

“In order to be a member of the Academy you have to be a music professional working in the United States, for now. For now, it’s only in the United States of America, hopefully, we grow then. Right now, if you are a working professional in the USA you can become a member of the Recording Academy,” Mason candidly added.

Harvey, who happens to be a 5 time nominee himself added;
Once you are a member of the Academy, all the music is submitted the members listen to it and they evaluate it based on the quality of the art not the sales, not the streams not on the followers or how many fans… it is purely on the art.

It’s purely on the opinion and as you all know it is very hard because it is subjective. There is no best song, best record it is just the opinion of the Membership in that particular year. That is how you win a Grammy and that is it.

The voters vote, there is no committee, there is no journalist, no labels just music professionals voting for their peers, period,”

See video below;

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