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“I Want To Become Movie Producer Before Undergoing BBL Procedure” – James Brown (VIDEO)



Controversial crossdresser and actor, James Brown has revealed his plans for the future, saying he wants to become a movie producer and then get a Brazilian Butt Enlargement (BBL).

James brown
This confession follows his coworker Jay Boogie’s well reported, social media-discussed, and ultimately unsuccessful attempt at a BBL.


This happened after one concerned fan asked when James Brown would have a BBL in a comment under his post, and another fan warned him that if he did it, his “nyash” would go bad.



In response, James Brown became enraged and told them that their suffering was not his fault and that it was none of their concern.


He came for those blaming Jay Boogie for her botched surgery, stating everybody has their own needs and wants and that is what the transgender wants.


James Brown clarifies that his need at the moment is to become a movie producer, and he will eventually do his ‘nyash’ later at an expensive hospital, but will not succumb to those pressuring him to do it immediately.


Watch the video below:.

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