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“Life indeed happened in the most cruel way to you” Actress Amarachi Agidimbah Writes A Heartfelt Note To Junior Pope’s Widow (DETAIL)



Nollywood actress, Amarachi Igidimbah has written a comforting note to the wife of Actor Junior Pope.


Junior pope wife

Amarachi wrote:

 Jennifer ……. I have 1000 words type for you but surprisenly I don’t know how best to put it so it can send my exact massage and maybe you can find solace in them 💔 No pain is greater , Life indeed happened in the most cruel way to you , I haven’t stoped thinking about you since last Wednesday that I left that hospital by 11pm after realising all hope is lost 😢 , everyday I wake thinking how is ‘Envy of all women’ doing ? ….. Jenny @qutejay one thing is sure Mathew 11 : 28-30 , Revelation 21 : 4 , Psalm 71:20 🙏 , This are the promises of God to you my darling , it won’t be long , He and he alone will take it all away and bring joy anew in Jesus name , Amen 🙏

Jnr pope family


Writing a tribute to Junior Pope, Amarachi revealed how inspiring Junior Pope was to her career:

 I have been refusing to post this Tribute since Wednesday hoping that I will open Instagram next minute and the story has changed 😢 ….. Jp My Gee , never a dull moment with you anywhere , you carry your vibes , humility and positive energy that lights up the room wherever you go , always generous with compliments and kind words . I can’t count how many times you have told people on different sets that we met about how it was my friend’s job @victoriaegbuchere that paid you your first biggest pay in Nollywood in 2014 , and from that set that we played a couple you knew I was a light in the craft even though I was a Smallie then 😢 , Each time you tell that story , I remember how you boosted my Morale on that job , that was my first major lead with a known face , at first I thought I couldn’t handle it , but you made me feel at home , ‘In your words see me right now as your boyfriend and be free as you would with him, then you will deliver and viewers won’t even notice you are acting’ that line was the magic that I applied from that day henceforth when am infront of the camera 😭, Jp you have a way with words and a way of making everybody comfortable not minding your level , Very supportive , My go to 911 when I have questions or challenges with my Facebook page and there was never a time you were not ready to share all that you know 😢 , Very passionate about everything you do , your job , you make sure you give your all 📌, …… fatherhood , An absolute role model and mentor to a lot of husbands and fathers ,Is it how you love your boys or how you promote and carry your wife’s business on your head like shuku 📌….…. Oh God ! We can’t question you but WHY DO GOOD PEOPLE LEAVE SO EARLY ? 😭😭💔💔 Kai !! The world lost a Real human , Heaven gained an Angel ….. Reading everybody’s tribute and hearing people talk about you there is no doubt that your Sweet memories will live forever because indeed you made a beautiful impact with your short time here 😭, this is too painful to type ….. REST IN THE LORD KING OF SWAGNATION 💔💔💔💔

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