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BBNaija Kess Reacts After Wife, Angel Dee Accused Him Of Having Affair With Christy O (VIDEO)



BBNaija star, Kess Adjes has addressed allegations of cheating on his wife while affirming that the chats were doctored and that his wife paid a hacker to steal N1.5M from his bank.

Bbnaija kess on wife cheating
This comes amidst the allegations levelled against the reality star by his wife who accused him of sleeping with his colleague, Christy O.


Kess, in an Instagram post, affirmed that the chat receipts produced by his wife were doctored to frame him after he confronted her of stealing N1.5 M from his account.


He mentioned how she often misinterprets their conversations because she is not consistently insecure and obsessed with his affairs.


Kess concluded by stating that she tarnished her reputation online simply for the sake of seeking attention.


“The mistake I made was marrying the wrong person; a crazy and insecure woman. She has accused me of having an affair with every BBN housemate. She has told many lies against me and my ‘friend,’ Christy O using fake chats,” he said in part.


Backing his point, he shared chats he had with the hacker employed by his wife to steal N1.5M from his bank account.


See the chats below:





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