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“Despite Her Feelings For Neo, She Respected Her Man, Body & Reputation”- Fan Says After Ceec Revealed She Has A Serious Crush On Neo (VIDEO)



There has been several reactions after Ceec revealed in the live eviction show yesterday that she has feelings for Neo, however,she’s in a relationship outside the house and can only be friends with him after the show.

In her words:

“If i wasnt in a relationship, i would have dated neo, i find him so attractive”


Some comments online:


One Thing I respect her for is that she liked him o BUT she didn’t move on him! Or do anything romantic with him despite her feelings she kept her cool and respected her MAN, Her Body, and Reputation👏❤️


LowKey this is her main issue with IleBaye from Day 1…”The Boys”, yet she disguised it in so many things 😂


After all Tolani Baj was actually right, when she confronted her about Neo.




This one has been harassing guys evict pictures shammeeeee🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮



.Ceec is just a desperate manhunter 🤮 from cross to pere to ike to neo …Godforbid. A very big olosho

See video below:



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