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Reality TV Star, Gifty Power Reacts As The Ethiopia Cancels Rema’s Show Following Sat@nic Symbolisms (DETAILS)



Reality TV star, Gifty Powers has expressed strong disapproval of Rema following the cancellation of his highly-anticipated concert in Ethiopia.

Gifty powers on Rema Ethiopia concert
The Ethiopian government’s decision to cancel the event had sparked widespread criticism, primarily due to concerns surrounding alleged satanic symbolism in the artist’s necklace.



In an Instagram post, Gifty Powers openly accused Rema of promoting satanism through his music and associated imagery.



She wrote on her IG story; “To Rema, shame on you. I couldn’t believe it until researched it myself and found out REMA wore a necklace with a burned church turned upside down, like


“The rate at people selling their souls to this idiotic devil eh!! Y’all think hell isn’t real…ok nahh. All these are for fame and money. SMH
Then watched the video of him and Madonna hugging. I knew he had already joined the 666, As the saying goes

“Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”…..You just lost a Fan. I’m deleting all your songs from my playlist. Nobody messes with my religion (Christianity)”.

Gifty powers on Rema Ethiopia concert

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