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“One Prayer You Must Pray Before Getting Married” – Kiekie Tells Single (VIDEO)



Popular skitmaker, Kiekie has revealed one prayer people must pray before getting married.

"One Prayer You Must Pray Before Getting Married" - Kiekie Tells Single (VIDEO)
She made this known in her recent appearance on Toke Makinwa’s podcast “Tokemoments”.


When the content creator was asked about her marriage, Kiekie opened up about the role of prayer in her marriage.


She said:

“The way it [marriage] is working for me is beautiful and it’s a God factor and a major God factor because before I got married, it was something that I dedicated days to. I dedicated like a certain amount of days to say I am going to pray about this and I need a sign. I told God I am not a pastor, I am not a prophet, give me a sign that I would understand. There is actually nothing you can’t pray about and God will actually listen to you.


I said one prayer before I married. The prayer is that may we not meet someone that pretends. The way that you are such a fantastic host is the way people that pretend are fantastic at it. So if you’re with someone that is pretentious, you will not know until they’re now ready to unveil themselves.


Don’t date someone that do pretend, because talking about getting married, that is one part that scared me most. In fact, I prayed about it the most that God, I have seen this man and I have desired this man.


Don’t let him to change. Should in case of he’s having any behavioural pattern that I’m not knowing of now, let it lock away, let me not see it again, and make sure it doesn’t come out. At the end of the day, [prayer] is just a thing of saying I want this, and this is what I want”.



Watch the video below:


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