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“I Had A Dream You Were Sacked From Your Job” – Whitemoney Tells Big Brother His Dream (VIDEO)



BBNaija housemate, Whitemoney narrated his dream to Big Brother disclosing how he was sacked from his job.

Whitemoney dream on big brother
Whitemoney recently made headlines when he chatted with Big Brother during his diary session. He was asked whether he had anything to tell Big Brother during his diary session.


Whitemoney took the opportunity to describe the dream he had earlier today while relaxing. He claimed that Big Brother was sacked from his job and was replaced by somebody else who spoke more quickly and strictly.


He disclosed how the new Big Brother would come inside the house to give instructions rather than speak to them through the microphone.


He pleaded with Big Brother to remain the same because he didn’t like the new Big Brother he saw.


Watch the video below:




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