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“These Two Are Very Much In Love But None Of Them Want To Accept It..” – Netizens React As Ike Warned Mercy Eke To Stop Matching Outfit With Whitemoney (VIDEO)



BBN “All Stars” contestant, Ike Onyema has warned his ex-girlfriend and fellow housemate, Mercy Eke to stop her plans of wearing matching outfits with Whitemoney.

Mercy Eke on Ike and Whitemoney

Remember, Mercy Eke planned to wear a matching outfit with Whitemoney to make Ike jealous and help scatter his ship with CeeC.



Shortly after Ike learned about it, they had a decent conversation for the first time since they came into the Big Brother house.




Watch the video below:


This has triggered mixed reactions from cyber users, some reactions seen were;


tos_collection_ wrote;
“Ike has a mad reply to every words thrown at him”.


alfayeedpronita wrote;
“Hahahaha the frod line 😂😂Ike na crown”.


papijay103 wrote;
“I only see a jealous ex_girlfriend😂😂”.


mizyuletide wrote;
“These two are very much in love. Non of them wants to accept it 😂”.


fizzglam Wrote;
“I love the gain they are playing… truth is everyone once in awhile do feel jealous over who your ex is close to. That are both human so it’s okay to be jealous or concern…. Life no hard abeg”.


adeagboyetunde716 wrote;
“This two 😂😂😂😂 I laugh ehen the moment ike tell lambo to continue doing rubbish 😂😂😂😂”.

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