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“Its Always Important For Parents To Teach Their Children English Before Teaching Them Their Native Language” – Doyin Says As They Speak About Class, Money and Courage (VIDEO)



Reality TV star, Doyinsola David better known as Doyin has shared her opinion on why parents need to teach their children English before teaching them their native language.

Doyin on english

She made this known while discussing class, money and courage with Seyi and Kidwaya.


Doyin stated that English is needed most when someone goes places, so they need to learn English first before the native language.



Read the conversation below:


Doyin – you can have money but you see pedigree, you dont buy it
Seyi – you can pay for school but can’t buy class
Kiddwaya – class without money doesn’t make sense i promise you
Seyi – you know real sex appeal is confidence
Doyin – and they’re some people that just don’t have that carriage, they can have money but you see that carriage, no.
That’s why i always say its always important for parents to teach their children English before teaching them their native language, because it rubs off on their accent.
Imagine the child is saying “Hi want to eat” with a H accent, its because they speak Yoruba so much. You need your English more than your native tongue when you go places.
Confidence and knowing how to speak is very important, there are some people that look nice but when they open their mouth, you’re like what the h€ll.
I don’t care how much money you have but if you’re embarrassing me in public, we’re not gonna do that.

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