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Mercy Chinwo Files Lawsuit Against Secular Musician, Obidiz ,Demands N2bn Damages



Mercy Chinwo, a gospel singer, sued secular artist Obidiz for appropriating her name and image in a song with commercial appeal. The singer accused him of disparagingly utilizing her name and likeness in a secular music audio and video in a lawsuit filed on March 23rd.

Mercy Chinwo And obidiz

Obidiz received a cease and desist letter from her attorneys asking him to stop exploiting her name and likeness to promote his music.

Mercy Chinwo lawsuit against Obidiz

He must immediately remove the song he posted from all streaming services and remove the promotional film, which includes images and snippets, from all social media sites.

Mercy Chinwo lawsuits against Obidiz

If he doesn’t comply with their requests, the whole legal system will be used against him in an effort to recover 2 billion in damages.

Mercy Chinwo Files Lawsuit Against Secular Musician Obidiz


Drama As Gospel Singers, Mercy Chinwo And Minister GUC Unfollows Themselves On Instagram [DETAILS]


Gospel singers Mercy Chinwo and Pastor GUC’s Instagram unfollowing of one another has generated controversy online.When MOMEDIA checked the gospel singers’ individual profiles, she saw that they had broken up their previous collaboration. They are no longer following one another, according to a check at their followers.

Mercy Chinwo and minister GUC

Mercy Chinwo and Minister GUC had performed at one other’s weddings and were close friends until the unfollowing.Formerly, Minister GUC’s record label also had Mercy Chinwo on board……READ MORE


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