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“May You Never See Rest From Today”- Nollywood Actress, Remi Surutu Rains Heavy Curs£S On Trolls [DETAILS]



Remi Surutu, a Nollywood actress, has found herself in hot waters after insulting Gbadebo Rhodes Vigour, the Labour Party gubernatorial candidate for Lagos State. In a video posted on her Instagram page, Remi was seen in a romantic embrace with her male colleague, Lege Miami, as they called Gbadebo a fraud.

This did not sit well with many people, who criticized the actress for using her platform to spread negativity about a political candidate. However, things took a nasty turn when a female critic engaged in a back-and-forth with Remi and called her a hired killer.

The troll went on to claim that Remi was planning to kill her just as she allegedly killed her own daughter. This statement was a reference to a tragic incident that happened in 2017 when Remi lost her daughter, Ayo, to sickle cell anemia.

Reacting to the troll’s comment, Remi Surutu laid curses on the critic, stating that the troll was using her pain against her. She further warned the critic never to cross her path, saying that she would regret it if she did.

The incident has since generated a lot of reactions on social media, with many people condemning the use of curses and hate speech. Some others have, however, taken sides with Remi Surutu, stating that the critic went too far by bringing up the issue of her daughter’s death.

In the wake of the incident, it is essential to remember that hate speech and the use of curses are not acceptable forms of communication. While it is understandable that emotions can run high, it is always better to approach issues with decorum and respect, even in the face of disagreement.

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