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“I Won’t Keep Quiet, No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper”- Actress Sarah Martins Slams May Edochie, Thre@tens To Meet In Court (VIDEO)



Nollywood actress, Sarah Martins who was sued by May Edochie for 500 Million Naira, for sharing a photoshopped picture of her family and allegedly defaming her, has finally responded.


Sarah Martins stated in her Instagram post, that she never made any unpleasant comment against May Edochie. She also said May will hear from her legal team soon.



Actress Sarah martins


Sarah wrote:

Swipe to see the honest post made by a renowned lawyer not a fraudster posing as a lawyer!

In this video I clearly apologized to your “supposed queen” if she found my photoshopped picture offensive even when she didn’t ask me for an apology!

At the end of the Live show, I wrapped it up with yet another another apology to the same “supposed queen” if I uttered any word against her knowingly or unknowingly!

You can see clearly, I wasn’t the one that made the utterances she claimed I made!

One Ms or Mrs Sandra James was the one that said all your “supposed queen” claimed I said.

No! I won’t keep quiet especially when I am being insulted, harassed and bullied by her so called fans over what I didn’t do.
Today, I was physically harassed by her aggressive and uncultured fans and I won’t tolerate such behaviors against me again!



What about May that is always liking her fans comments wishing YUL and Judy death. Has anyone sued her for conspiracy and intent to m$rder?


You are just implicating your self the more.Hope you have an Evidence to prove the Allegation you made by calling the Lawyer a Frudster.if you know what comes with court case you will do yourself good by not overstreching this case.I believe you have good people around you advising you but you don’t want to listen.At this point Rest you are doing too much.


Sarah zukwanuike!. Why are you so restless madam. All this ur gra gra is putting u into more trouble. Do you know Ecolaw Chambers can sue you for another 500m for calling them “fraudster posing as a lawyer”. Indeed school is not a scam!. Ur problem is that u talk too much instead of sitting down restrategising on how to peacefully come out of this. Keep listening to people that will tell you what you want to hear. The earlier you take the bitter truth the better for you.

Sarah martins on may Edochie

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