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Meet the founder of Iroko TV, Jason Njoku



Jason Njoku founder iroko tv

Jason Njoku, is the co-founder of Iroko TV, a mobile entertainment and internet TV platform that’s particularly popular for its impressive catalogue of African ‘Nollywood’ movies.

But the struggle in the early days of this business was not as glamourous.
After failed attempts at previous businesses in the UK, Jason Njoku returned to Nigeria in 2010 to build relationships with local movie producers and purchase content rights for his new startup, Iroko TV.

Jason Njoku founder iroko tv
Cash was tight, and starting this business would have been impossible without the £90,000 contribution of Jason’s friend and business partner, Sebastian.

Since then, the growth of IrokoTV has been remarkable. To date, the business has attracted up to $40 million in investment funding from foreign investors, mostly venture capital investors.

Its investors include Tiger Global , a NewYork -based private equity firm, and Investment AB Kinnevik, a Swedish venture capital investor.


In January 2016, IrokoTV raised $19 million in additional funding to expand its business into Francophone countries in Africa.


In summary, by using a combination of business partnerships and venture capital, Jason has been able to successfully raise significant amounts of capital to grow a company that was described by Forbes Magazine as “the Netflix of Africa.”

Jason Njoku will be 40 year old by December, he was born and raised in Deptford, South-East London.

Jason Njoku founder iroko tv

Jason Njoku is married to Nollywood actress, Mary Remmy Njoku, CEO of ROK Studios and they are blessed with three kids.

Jason Njoku founder iroko tv

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The Boss Room

DADDY H CONCEPT: Henry Ejoke Opens up on his thriving carpentry Business



Mr. Henry Ejoke Emuobohwo, a professional carpenter in Warri Delta State speaks about his reasons for venturing into carpentry and how profitable the business has been.

Daddy H Concept carpentry business



Daddy H Concept is into a wide range of wooden household furniture (living room, dining room and bedroom furniture, coffee tables, sofa tables, end tables, sofas, love seats, chairs, bookshelves, display cabinets, TV stands and otherwise), stationary sofas/sofa-sleepers, Wooden showcases, partitions, shelving and lockers.

Roofing and Installation of all types of roofing sheets, Aluminum works etc.



Since I couldn’t go further in studies I decided to first attempt clothing business but failed, later I went searching for job to no avail till I decided to quit searching and try something different and it’s working for me now with no regrets.

Carpentry business is cool but can be stressful sometimes. It is also a lucrative business if well managed.



I advertise my business online and offline, also some persons which have used my services before refer their friends and relatives.

I’ve done quite some jobs like roofing of houses in different locations, done quite
a number of furniture works and aluminum windows etc. and presently I have both PVC and wooden ceiling job that I’m handling.

Daddy H Concept carpentry business


The greatest challenge I have presently is the continuous inflation in prices of materials, customers wants the best but don’t want to see reasons to make provision for the needed materials, most times I end up using my money to complete some jobs because I need the best for my clients.


Different persons with their different approach, some know the value of what they want and are willing to go for it while some don’t give a heck on how u get the job done, what I do is do the best I can to make sure my clients are satisfied with my work.



The business have been quite profitable. However, in business you don’t make profit in all your sales due to unpredicted circumstances.


I see my company in most parts of this country and with God’s help having branches outside Nigeria.



Don’t depend only on white collar jobs, all you need to excel is within you, you can be your own Boss by being determined and staying focused.

Never wait for millions before setting up a business, with the little you have think of what you can do with it, look for what is needed around and start from there.




With the little you have if you invest in the right business without fear nor intimidation from competitors before you’ll know it your small scale business will grow into an empire.




I’m down to earth, I’m playful, creative and fun to be with. I enjoy putting a smile on people’s face. Reading, eating and singing are my hobbies. I like honesty and dislike dishonesty.



To get any of Daddy H Concept services, contact them on 09064842649 or send a whatsapp message on 08066631573.



If you’re an entrepreneur and would love to feature on The Boss Room, send an email to or a whatsapp message to 09065109668.

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The Boss Room

“Owning a Skincare Brand is Not Easy”- CEO PreshBNourish Skincare , Precious Opara.



Mrs. Precious Ngozi Opara, CEO of PreshBNourish Skincare, a skincare brand in Lagos State, Nigeria discusses business, funding, enterprenuership & future goals with MO MEDIA on the Boss Room.

PreshB Nourish Skincare


My name is Opara precious Ngozi, i grew up in a family of 3,(2girls & 1 boy)which am the first. My mum is a civil servant and my dad(late) owns a bus station .I attended community girls senior secondary school umungasi aba(CGSSSUA)and finished in the year 2010.

I moved on to acquire more knowledge in micheal okpara university umuahia (MOUAU)where I did a pre- degree (trial on learning), then later went to federal polytechnic nekede owerri where I acquired a national diploma/higher national diploma certificate in Banking & Finance, graduated in the year 2018 .




My business name is “Preshbnourishskincare “.i choose this name because it involves myself & my son.

Owning a skin care brand is hardwork and most likely people won’t see immediate result if it’s pure organic and not pro-mixed. PreshBnourish Skincare manufactures and sells pure organic products which has proven several times to be effective on the skins of our customers.

I love to see people’s skin glow. I love organic skincare products because it is very safe on the skin and nourishes the skin.

My love for natural products and always trying to solve skin problems motivated me to venture into the skin care industry.


PreshB Nourish Skincare


It’s a very competitive industry.
I like the competition, because it makes you strong and striving to do well in order to please and keep your  customers.

My products belongs to a specific niche; the smaller the niche,the less competition my brand will face.


My personal financial savings and that of my husband helped me to get started in this skin care business. My estimate is between the range of 75k -100k (start-up fund).

You have to be passionate about skincare before starting the business because it is delicate, it involves the human body (skin).


It is time consuming. Also, many requests from customers, being online at all times, ensuring the products work and putting so much money only to get less product after production.

However i’ve been able to learn that hard work will always outweigh talent.



Profitability is an ability of a business to gain profit, analyzing what is left after expenses are subtracted from total revenue.

So far, the business has been profitable.



People can acquire vocational skills,apprenticeship, do something legal & profitable with the skills, in the mean time, while seeking for a corporate work.


Entrepreneurship requires dedication planning and availability of resources,conducive environment to thrive. Government policies should also be enabling enough to encourage young minds to participate.



Accessibility of low interest loans from banks, NGOs, Government assistance and relieve packages go a long way in making sure businesses are set up.


I see my business as a household name,globally,and in everyone’s lip because our products helps tackle all skin issues.


I’m good at fixing, making and building things. I am rational,independent and ambitious.


Dancing,cooking traveling (outside Nigeria), reading and having quiet time.


Loyalty, obedience ,trust,and peace.


Bullying ,self centeredness,dishonesty ,incompetence and bossiness.


Don’t just sit and wait,challenge yourself, do what you care about, take the risk, believe in yourself, have a vision, find good people, face your fears & take action.



Whatsapp: 08039099631,09020067125 .

Business Facebook page: @preshbnourishskincare





To get featured on The Boss Room as an entrepreneur, send a whatsapp message to 09065109668 or email

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The Boss Room

TheBossRoom: Meet 31 year old Nigerian Lady who runs a budding Logistic Company (Hanny Express Delivery)



MO MEDIA is committed to celebrating young remarkable entrepreneurs. This is what prompted our decision to start “The Boss Room” a segment specifically dedicated to celebrating entrepreneurs.

On the Boss ROOM today, we will be discussing with Miss Hannah Oluwatosin who is currently operating a logistics company founded by her. In this interview, Hannah spoke about starting up, motivation, finances and long term goals.

Hanny Express Delivery

Can we meet you?

My name is , Francis Hannah oluwatosin. Am a Nigerian, from Lagos State, Badagry. I finished from olabisi onabanjo University (OSU), where I studied Accountancy. I graduated in 2013.


Did you ever work as an accountant before in any firm before deciding to start your own business?

I worked in a banking firm for 3 years before quiting to start up my own business.



What motivated you into starting Hanny Express Delivery?

I started HANNY EXPRESS DELIVERY on the 3rd of February 2020. What motivated me to go into the logistic business was because of my fashion line business at first, I also sell female hand bags and skin care products which I make a lot of sales and I do deliveries almost everyday, so I thought of it and decided to start up my own delivery company.


Another thing that pushed me into the logistic business is because I am very familiar with Lagos route, which is the number one important thing you need to know in logistics.


How were you able to acquire funds to start up- get a bike, and how many bikes did you start with?

I will say God has been good to me, my Fiance has been very supportive and I also got assistance from the bank.

I started with one bike, and within a space of six months, I got four bikes.

What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered in business?


Starting the business was very challenging because I was inexperienced, my first challenge was improper documentation of the bikes, second challenge was the riders, some of them have poor attitude to work which is terrible, these challenges almost made me stop the business, but thanks to God everything is balanced now.

Any Lessons learnt?

Patience, Tolerance and DetermInation.


How profitable has your business been?

It’s been good. The logistic business consumes a lot of funds, however if managed well, it can yield good profit.


Is your business registered with CAC?

Yes my business is registered.


What are the procedures one needs to follow before starting a delivery business?

(Laughs) Well anyone who wants to start a logistic business can consult me.



Lol. Do you charge a fee for that?

Oh yes. Only N50, 000. People will not understand but the truth is, I did a lot of research and trainings which cost me a lot before venturing into this business.


What’s your current staff strength?

Four staff. A Female and 4 Males.



Aside from the logistic business, are you involved in other businesses too?

I sell fashion items such as lady’s hand bags, I buy them from Turkey and china, and skin care products too.


Any Advice for Job seekers who are finding it difficult getting a job?

My advice for job seekers is to start from somewhere first, don’t waste your time only looking for jobs, you can start a business even with no money in your account. You can dropship. It’s not a must you get a huge amount of money before you start up, go to shops, snap picture of vendors items, post online, market online or offline, sell and make your cool cash.

What are your thoughts about entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is not as simple and sweet as how people think. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is tasking. The route is not easy.


Any Advice or suggestion on the best ways to raise money to start up a business?

Do not take a loan to start up a business, it’s very dangerous. Family and friends can help you kick off from small, you grow it gradually before involving banks or investors.


Where do you see Hanny Express Delivery in 5 years?

I see HANNY EXPRESS DELIVERY in all States in Nigeria in the next 5 years , I see HED everywhere just like GIG very soon. (smiles).



What are your hobbies, likes and dislikes?

I like positive vibes, I hate disrespect, my hobby will be using my mobile phone always. I’m always using my phone because of the nature of my job, when I’m not working or with friends and family, I enjoy sleeping.


Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don’t be scared to start up that business you have in mind, create your own unique way of that same business you think another person  is doing, set a good standard for yours, and see yourself at the top.


Hanny Express Delivery.

Social Handles:

Instagram: Hanny_express_delivery

Facebook: Hanny Express Delivery

Whatsapp: 07036464432



To feature on The Boss Room, send a whatsapp message to 09065109668.

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