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Exclusive Interview With CEO Xycinews, Naabiae Nenubari “The Blogger Scientist”



Xycinews blogger Naabiae Nenubari

Momedia Exclusive Interview With CEO Xycinews – A Day With Naabiae Nenubari “The Blogger Scientists”, August 2019.



Aiming at hitting the web with the best of entertaining news, it is true that a candle in a dark room will always be spotted.


Today in the house is a Nigeria teenage blogger who has been doing so well and we have some questions for him.


This individual is Naabiae Nenubari also called the Blogger Scientist, the young brain behind


Bloggers create engaging content for webpages or sites in an effort to attract more readers.


Let see how he has done this.

Q. Hello Naabiae Nenubari, can you briefly tell us about yourself?


A. Okay, well my name is Naabiae Nenubari. Though in my late teens now, i’m a blogger who is passionate about writing, and I do this at dark hours.


Xycinews blogger Naabiae Nenubari

Q. Starting from your last sentence, tell us about your dark hours.


A. As a student and blogger, I personally have no time during the day after school for my blog. Subsequently, I make a plan to read my academic work from 7-10pm. Then my blogging from 1am-4am daily. That’s the dark hour story.

Q. What has been your most successful post?

A. I can tell exactly, am an SEO blogger and I make Google front page often. But I can recall an article about Joomta and lot others.



Q. Describe your writing process, from concept to publishing.

A. OK, I am actually a research blogger who don’t do copy and paste. I make research, the make so keywords research for ranking, integrate SEO and publish. It usually about 3-4 hours to publish a post.



Q. 3-4 hours, why so long for just a post, is it the SEO?


A. Sadly, for about two years I have being blogging with my phone, but I have adapted and hope for the best in the future when I have a laptop to reduce the load.


Q. How do you attract new readers? Describe the methods you’ve used and their impact on site traffic?


A. I actually let Google first page to do the attraction. But I make sure my article is captivating and engaging. This makes users comment and also return back.


Q. What is your blog about?


A. My blog is primarily into writing reviews and exposing leaks. This is my little way of tackling web scams and protecting web users.



Q. What your future aim as a blogger?

A. In a simple sentence, I want to be known as Africa best leak and review blogger, not just a blogger scientist.


Q. How would you describe your blogging style?

A. It’s a stressful one, but passion and determination for a better future is like a back bone for me. My style is dark hours like i previously mentioned.



Q. If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?


A. Ignore what so ever people say, if you have that passion and love for writing. I felt sad and discouraged when no one supported me, but today am happy.


It was nice having a teen who has decided to be a better youth rather than being a nuisance, we at Momedia appreciate your time and we wish xycinews the best.


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