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Emotional Moment Veekee James Celebrate Her Appearance On CNN For The First Time (VIDEO)



Celebrity fashion designer, Veekee James was all in her in feelings, as she appeared on an international television channel.

Veekee James
When the feature happened today on CNN
, it took her emotions on a memory lane, as she shared humble beginnings of her life, as an aspiring fashion designer.

However, Veekee James was able to tell her story, and trace back her roots to the humble abode, where she lived with her mother.

Veekee James narrated how she started making clothes in her mother’s living room, up until when she moved to Akwa Ibom to attend college.

The celebrity fashion designer said that she was able to move her mother out of their old apartment into a new one in the year 2020.

Veekee James went on to talk about the design program that she was currently hosting, which showed just how much she has grown.

At the end of the feature, Veekee James showed appreciation to her friend Tomike, who she said patronized her a lot, and due to the fact that she had a growing audience already, it helped to boost her career as a designer.

See the video below…

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