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“I am süffering in poverty despite having a billionaire brother” – Alleged Cousin Of Cubana Chief Priest Cr!es Online (VIDEO)



Mr. Bethel Okechukwu has unleashed a fiery tirade against the socialite, Cubana Chief Priest.

Bethel accused Cubana of abandoning him and allowing him to languish in the suffocating grip of poverty.

Cubana Chief Priest and cousin

In a gripping video interview chronicling his life journey and relationship with Cubana Chief Priest, Okechukwu began by highlighting his livelihood, proudly identifying himself as a phone repairer at the bustling Alaba market.

Okechukwu went further, revealing another facet of his multifaceted persona, a passionate singer. He showcased his raw talent with an impromptu freestyle session in the video.

As a budding music artist, Okechukwu bared his soul, admitting to the daunting struggle of promoting his music due to a glaring lack of funds.

Frustration evident in his voice, he lamented his inability to elevate his craft, yearning for the golden opportunity to collaborate with singer Flavour, a close confidant of Cubana Chief Priest.

Regarding his relationship with Cubana Chief Priest, Okechukwu mentioned that the renowned nightlife personality is actually his cousin, and they spent their formative years together in Aba. Okechukwu elaborated that despite his numerous attempts to get in touch with Chief Priest, he often found himself unable to reach him, either due to being obstructed by Chief Priest’s security detail or because Chief Priest’s schedule was too packed.

However, Okechukwu expressed understanding and emphasized that he harbors no ill feelings toward Chief Priest.

He passionately implored the public to support him in escaping the suffocating grip of poverty, a plight his alleged billionaire cousin Cubana Chief Priest has ignored.

Watch the video below;

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