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DJ Cuppy Discloses Marriage Proposal From Secret Admirer (DETAIL)



Famous Nigerian Disc Jockey and Billionaire daughter, DJ Cuppy, has shared a surprising marriage proposal from a secret admirer, which caught her attention.

Dj Cuppy

Since Dj Cuppy’s separation from ex-fiancé Ryan Taylor, DJ Cuppy has been on a journey to find love, attracting interest from many fans and followers.

A recent proposal from an anonymous suitor stood out, and she shared a screenshot on her Instagram story.

The mysterious admirer sent an email with a Bible verse, Psalms 85:10-11, emphasizing faithfulness and steadfast love. The email’s heading read, “Marriage proposal from God’s grace and son,” followed by a straightforward proposal, “Will you marry me, DJ Cuppy?”

DJ Cuppy shared the screenshot with a curious caption, “Lord. Could HE be the one?”

Dj Cuppy

This comes just two weeks after her mother prayed for her to meet a man who prioritizes God, following her baptism.

The proposal has sparked excitement and speculation among her fans, who are eager to see if this mystery suitor might be the one for DJ Cuppy.

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