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“You Stepped Into My Life & Flipped My Whole World”- Chidi Dike Writes A Heartfelt Message To Ruth Kadiri (DETAIL/PHOTO)



Nollywood actor, Chidi Dike, has penned down a heartfelt message to his senior colleague, Ruth Kadiri on Instagram.

"You Stepped Into My Life & Flipped My Whole World"-  Chidi Dike Writes A Heartfelt Message To Ruth Kadiri (DETAIL/PHOTO)

One of the numerous questions about him that fans are looking up on the internet is, “Is Ruth Kadiri really his mother?”

According to Dike’s page and various videos, as seen on social media, he has referred to actress Ruth Kadiri as his Mother.

Endlessly, he is always privileged to have acquired his grace from her support as he continues to show regards in celebrating her.

In his recent post as shared on his official Instagram account, the movie star has shared a picture of Ruth Kadiri and himself giving her a hot peck on one side of her cheek.

Ruth Kadiri and Chidi Dike
Dike captioned in his post;

”She stepped into my life and flipped my whole world… words fail me every time but you know I love you mama❤️..
My Queen 👸, My mentor My Mother… I don’t need a special day to appreciate you mama ❤️❤️
Best picture you’ll see online today!!! @ruthkadiri@ruthkadiri247_

Chidi Dike to Ruth Kadiri

Chidi Dike, the Nigerian movie star, has narrated his journey into becoming a sought after in the movie industry.

MOMEDIA recalled during an interview few months ago, when Chidi said joining the movie industry was challenging and difficult in the beginning as he struggled to get roles from movie producers.

Describing his early days in the industry, he said he knew he was talented but didn’t get an opportunity to showcase his prowess not until he met Ruth Kadiri, a movie producer and an actress.

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Chidi Dike and Ruth Kadiri

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