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“Yahoo is stressful, I know someone who made $33,000 off a video on Facebook” – Skit maker NasBoi discloses how he switched to skit making (VIDEO)



Famous comic and musician, Nasiru Bolaji, popularly called NasBoi has opened up about the lucrative nature of creating online comedy skits, dismissing claims that he is involved in internet fraud popularly known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’

In a viral clip, Nasboi revealed that some skit makers make as much as $33k a month off a video on Facebook.

In the Bahd And Boujee Podcast, released on Friday, the Instagram comedian stated;

Yahoo is stressful now. According to the one that I know, you have to be awake every now and then.”

He went on to flaunt the financial gains in skit making, revealing;

I know someone who made $33,000 off a video on Facebook.

NasBoi, however, chose not to disclose the identity of the high-earning skit maker.

I’ll call him name. You’re not gonna know him. You not gonna know the person, you understand?

“But then if that person buys a car, an Insta blog, or maybe gossipmil (an Instagram account) wants to post it, be reminded that they will say ‘a skit maker,” he said.

The comedian bemoaned the persistent notion that his income is derived from cyber fraud, stating the struggles that come with constantly generating fresh skit ideas.

Skit making is crazy. Do you know how often I go in and out of depression like every time? Now let me remind you, I get to think of skits almost every day of my life. Not even every day of my life, if I am seated alone, I’m thinking of skits. And you’re here saying, Yahoo, Yahoo. This Yahoo, how much is there?” NasBoi said.

He cited the work rates of fellow skit makers like Brother Shaggy, and The Cute Abiola as evidence of the commitment required in the profession.

He further noted his passion for skit-making, adding that he wasn’t particularly after the money the business gives.

Now the boy is always working too. I’m not after the bag. I know what I’m saying. Do you understand? In a month, I can shoot four or five Instagram skits. You will not see anything on YouTube. You get me?

“So I’m that guy. I’m just very contented with what I have. That’s what I’m saying. But these men, the way they work, you understand, they deserve it,” he added.

See the video below…

In a previous news, Nasboi, said he has seen Sydney totally as a Yahoo Boy, because he couldn’t fathom how skits could be making him money.

He noted it was when he got close and got into the business that realised that people do make a lot.

Speaking further, he noted how sometimes people tend to think that some of these female influencers make money from sleeping with men.

He dismissed this, noting that a lot of these women make big cash from ads and their positions as brand ambassadors.

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