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“Na Naira government say make we no spray o, no be perfume o” – Sabinus shares his encounter hugging a fan




Nigerian content creator and skit maker, Emmanuel Chukwuemeke Ejekwu, who is famously called Oga Sabinus noted that Nigerians are not using perfume or body spray, and some people smell like Onions.



In a recent statement he made on social media, the skit maker lamented the odours and the excitement of fans, not considering his health condition.

“Na Naira governement say make we no spray o, no be perfume o. Some people no dey spray perfume again o. Wetin dey really happen? Person go dey smell onions onions. Armpit people no dey shave. Shave your armpits, buy roll-on N1500, spray am. Nothing wey person no dey see for road.

Na so perosn go see me for road sey ‘Sabinus Sabinus’ and there is no one I don’t hug and na so Dem go carrry our head put for armpit God. You carry Sabinus nose put for armpit, na from there Sabinus go just quench”.



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