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“I was shâmed and chásed out of Davido and Chris Brown’s party in the US by Davido’s bouncer. It still hûrts me to this day like how can somebody living in this world not know me.” – Kora Obidi reveals



Famous Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi has revealed how a bouncer claimed he didn’t know her and shamed her in her quest to shame her haters.

The dancer narrated first, how one of Davido’s aides helped her in securing a pass at Davido’s after-party and how she had a brief exchange of pleasantries with Davido and a close-up view of Singer, Chris Brown at the party.

Kora Obidi

However, she has made a picture request from Chris Brown and she was told to wait a lil, having it as her first time a celebrity has responded to her that way.

She also narrated how a security guard who had been giving her strange vibes at the party, barged into her and ordered her to leave immediately.

She said;

“On that day that I went to that party with my bestie whom I just met. I was in the VIP section and immediately I turned to my left, I saw Chris Brown. I’m not a fan of what Chris Brown did to Rihanna so just wanted a photo with Chris Brown to shâmé my hâtérs cuz I was still angry at him for what he did to Rihanna. I navigated to Chris Brown’s table and asked for a photo and he told me he’s still chilling that I should come after. I was shôcked cuz that’s the first time a celebrity ever told me to wait before taking a photo but I was cool. After some time I decided to go back and take a photo cuz I was really bent on shamîng my hâtérs but then Davido’s bouncer hárshly told me to back óff. I was shâmed cuz I didn’t know there’s actually somebody on earth who doesn’t know me. I was so ângry but after the show Davido saw me walked right to me and greeted me proving to everyone that I’m known everywhere.” 


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