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“Wunmi F0ught Mohbad & Thre@tened To Make His Case Like Lil Frosh”- Spending Opens Up On All That Happened Before Mohbad’s Death



At the coroner court today, Mohbad’s friend, Spending opened up on all he witnessed hours before the death of Mohbad. Spending spoke about Primeboy and Wunmi’s fight with Mohbad. He also spoke about the Nurse who treated Mohbad & how the late singer reacted to the injection.



"Wunmi F0ught Mohbad & Thre@tened To Make His Case Like Lil Frosh"- Spending Opens Up On All That Happened Before Mohbad's Death


Spending said:

“We went to the show at Ikorodu together even though I was in the car. We were all given the bitters bottle(the drink that we went to advertise). They were sealed. After the show, Mohbad was hyper and said he wanted to leave immediately. Prime boy was trying to calm him down and advising him to take it easy but it resulted in an argument. MOH was angry, went to the side where Prime was sitting and ordered him down from the car. I was in the car and I saw a broken glass falling inside. MOH punched the glass while he was trying to fight Prime. Later on, Prime went to meet Cubana, the organizer of the show. We left him there. As we were going on the way, an argument started between Moh and wunmi. The fight got serious at the 3rd mainland bridge that Wunmi held his clothes and they were dragging each other. I had to carry Liam and protect him and I was also trying to prevent them from opening the door on motion. In the argument, Moh was talking about the 200k wunmi’s mum borrowed, wunmi talked about the gf in the uk and wunmi said if care is not taken, she will make MOH’s case be like lil frosh’s case who was ruined by a woman and who the world doesn’t hear anymore. When we got to a junction, Wunmi was so angry and said she wasn’t going home again with us and she wanna lodge in a hotel but she later changed her mind. When we got home, the fight continued. They were upstairs while we were downstairs. Adura too was upstairs……….


 We were downstairs and we were hearing noises from upstairs. One of the things I could remember was Wunmi mentioning The Canadian Visa but I really didn’t hear the full details about it. This is not the first time they would be fighting and I have never meddled into their matter. It is Adura that was also upstairs that can say what they were arguing about. The next day, Mohbad came down and was asking me if I didn’t fight him. He showed me his hand. It only had a minor bruise and he said is this the hand I will take to the show on Wednesday? I advised him to go to the hospital but he said No. Dj bami and Adura were also there. They tried calling a nurse to come and treat him at home but the numbers were not going. I tried sending a message to my nurse who I have known for over 4 years but the messages were not delivering. So I dropped her number with Dj Bami and I left. MOH was hale and hearty the last time I saw him. The next day, I was called that Mohbad had passed away. I was like how? I rushed down to where they were and I was asking all of them what happened to him. Nobody answered me. Nobody can tell me it was that minor wound that k!lled MOH. When we were in Panti, I met with the nurse and she said she only gave him tetanus injection and he reacted to it. Then wunmi told her that MOH had a phobia for injections. So the nurse went out to buy something that will neutralize the reaction MOH had. As she was there they had started calling her to come back home. When she got there, they were already trying to rush him to the hospital….


I don’t know what transpired between Naira Marley and MOH that made him to leave the label but when he left, he created his own IMOLENIZATION label and he called me to join/support him with it. Concerning bully!ng, Samlarry was always beating and assault!ng MOH apart from the viral video everyone saw. There was a time Samlarry and his boys beat him to the extent that his face was swollen and he had a mark on it. About him having mental issues, he never had a major mental problem, the only time he acted strange was the time The NDLEA officer hit him on the head with a g*n. I think that trauma made him to forget his phone password but later he was back to normal. Concerning the cooking in the house, Wunmi never cooked. I have never seen her cooking. It was Adura that always cook and whenever Adura didn’t cook, everyone will buy food outside. I really want to know what k!lled my friend. The small wound on his hand could not have caused his sudden de*th

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