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‘TC Thre@tened To DestrOy My Movie Set Hours Before The Boat Mishap”- Movie Producer Adanma Luke Breaks Silence (VIDEO)



Movie producer, Adanma Luke whose movie set recently lost five lives to death, including popular nollywood star, Junior Pope, has finally opened up on what happened that day.

According to Adanma Luke, life jackets were free at the movie location, also, she claimed that one of the actors, TC Okafor threatened to bring boys to disrupt her movie set some hours before they started shooting.


Meanwhile, some days ago in a live instagram video, TC Okafor complained about Adanma Luke refusing to pay his artist fee of N100,000 naira, which was his reasons for conflict with her before they started shooting the movie.

Adanma said:

TC Okafor was standing on the boat while it was Moving, TC Okafor vowed to come and scatter my set because I hadn’t paid him his salary, Life Jacket was Given out for Free, Jnr Pope was given a life Jacket but he refused to wear it because he said it was Dirty, Everyone wearing A Life Jacket on that Boat Survived, after the Boat Capsized a Gallon was thrown to Jnr Pope and he was even Checking on everyone while they were inside the water but all of a sudden he drowned”


Watch video below:


Some reactions onlne:


You guys said we should not blame Ada for negligence, yet she wants to drag TC for getting angry for not getting his pay on time! Despite him claiming you guys weee giving crew members 1500 for welfare ! A man will leave his house and work and work, provide food , no! Pay him on time so he can eat on set no! If you had taken preventative measures by providing life jackets to all the crew members non of this would’ve happened! No be you cause accident Ada , people are dragging you as the producer who did not provide basic amenities for her crew members! Take responsibility and stop playing victim card! Say sorry and leave all this TC story alone!



So sorry this had to happen. It’s really sad. Anyone that survived on that boat need to be invited for questioning. Why did those Hausas kpaied too, and they were on the land? Does it mean they saw what actually happened and they took care of them to bury the evidence? And why was bl*od everywhere? The TC Okafor knows a lot. He said he left to go and take TT injection. When others were still on the water? And where was he and his friend driving to, before he told him they should come back? Like I said, anyone that survived on that boat knows something.


Y’all should leave this woman alone there was no teenager in that boat and no one should enter a boat without a lifejacket I know I wouldn’t try it no matter what cuz my safety will always come first, y’all are making it look like she took bunch of kids on a boat ride without providing lifejackets for them,, accident happens and only God almighty knows why everything happens in life… RIP jnr pope and the others that lost their lives.. We should be more careful with what we do.


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