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Paul Okoye Girlfriend Ivy Ifeoma Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors with a clever Response on Social Media



Paul okoye and ivy ifeoma pregnancy rumours

Ivy Ifeoma, the girlfriend of Nigerian singer Paul Okoye, also known as Rudeboy, has responded to rumors about her being pregnant.

People on social media talked about her bigger belly and breasts after she posted a video. Some thought she might be pregnant, while others thought she just ate too much.


Paul okoye and ivy ifeoma pregnancy rumours

When she shared a video after Rude Boy met with his ex-wife, some said she was quick to post online. On her Instagram, she said people have been guessing about her pregnancy since 1960.

She told them good job for guessing for so long, saying, “Speculating since 1960. Una well-done oh.


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