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“Modesty Doesn’t Mean You Should Dress Like An Old Woman”- Netizens School Moses Bliss Wife (DETAIL)



Moses bliss

A Nigerian lady has reacted to a video that showed renowned Gospel singer, Moses Bliss, and his wife Marie Wiseborn, at a recent event.

It’s worth noting that the couple tied the knot last month in Accra, Ghana.

Moses bliss

In the video, Moses Bliss was dressed in a stylish brown jacket and crisp trousers, while Marie was dressed in a stunning long flowing dress.

The couple could not help but beam with joy as the crowd showered praises on them.

However, a Twitter user with the handle Sugar has given her take about Marie’s outfit to the event.

In a recent tweet, she urged Marie to change the way she dresses and stated that modesty is different from being unfashionable.

Sugar tweeted, “I will like to tell this lady to stop dressing like an old woman. Modesty is different from being unfashionable”.

Watch the video below:


More comments online:


Y is she dressing like mummy GO, even Bliss is a watup guy. Abeg carry ur fake life forward joo. Someone that danced in a trouser to attract her hubby 😂😂come marry de dress like deeper😂


We need to learn to be kind with our words online or offline.. yesterday it was mercy chinwos baby, now its moses bliss wife. They are humans like you, be kind with your words, correct people in a nice way. Would you love to be spoken to the way you speak to others? Most of you cant handle what you dish to others.


The wife’s dressing giving pretentious , I don’t want justice for anybody that decide to forget themselves inside marriage o , don’t dress to impress me but dress to look good .. you are living with a man !



Why she con dress like they just brought her from village

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