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“I Will Never Do A DNA Test, It Was Mohbad Who Di$virg!ned Me”- Mohbad’s Wife Wunmi vows never to do any DNA Test!!! (VIDEO)



Months after Mohbad’s father requested for a DNA from his daughter-in-law, Wunmi, she has vowed never to conduct the DNA, claiming to be a virgin before meeting  Mohbad, and him being the only man who has slept with her.

"I Will Never Do A DNA Test, It Was Mohbad Who Di$virg!ned Me"- Mohbad’s Wife Wunmi vows never to do any DNA Test!!! (VIDEO)


In a recent video, Wunmi who was obviously very angry stated:

“I will never do any DNA test, no one can tell me to do DNA on my son Liam, Mohbad was the one who Disvirgined Me, and I have never slept with any Man other man in my entire life except Mohbad”

See video below:

Some reactions online:


I am in support of her, Mohbad never questioned her about the baby so you that is looking for DNA should go and do yours.
If you like insult me oooo, I wish you the same


Whenever there’s a case of murder like this one. Everyone the victim had one or two issues with while alive becomes a suspect, and they must all be investigated to see if they have enough motive to carry out to crime, and rule them out one by one. Now, Naira Marley and Sam Larry were not found at the scene of the crime, were they? But because of the video of the bullying going around, they were invited, and investigated, prime, Mohbads friend was also investigated, after this wife mentioned they had a fight. Now, this same wife, there was a video of a snapchat conversation between her and the victim where she was accused of infidelity, that alone is a motive, now what can come out of her cheating on her husband? A child? Did he find out he’s not the owner? Is that why he was killed? To rule out this theory is the reason why the DNA is needed, no-one is bullying her or anything, this is a murder case, no sentiment should be allowed. Nigerians sha. It is well


I love how she is speaking up@for herself now. Love it so much😍Yes!!! Wunmi will not do the DNA and that’s on Mary had a little lamb. If dem born you well go collect the pikin for her hand! Bunch of mugus
You bull1esssss 👩‍🦯



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