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Stop trying to use another man’s child for cheap traction, you’re crossing a boundary — reactions after Queen Mercy Atang’s husband’s statement about being “called Dad first” by her baby (VIDEO/DETAIL)



A lot of mixed reactions has trailed Queen Mercy Atang’s husband statement of being called dad first by her baby, his step-child, Princess Keilah.

Reacting to his statement, a netizen wrote:

Stop trying to use another man’s child for cheap traction, you’re crossing a boundary

Some comments online:


Allow him to express himself, he has paid in full and he has the right to brag differently!!!! His drinking all your tears!! So rest y’all!!!!✌️🥂


The thing people don’t understand is, this man will never love Queen enough if he doesn’t extend his love to that child… it’s that simple….

You’re loving the woman? You got to love everything about her…. Including her child and family. Also,  if he is the closest male figure to the mother of a growing toddler, the child will call him daddy until the child gains understanding of the difference between the two men in her life.

It’s that simple. You people should allow him breath biko.


Now they’ll be forced to engineer a perfect marriage, it reeks of attention seeking and unhealthy validation. I genuinely wish them well.


Na the wife dey push am…2 people wey no get sense…lol


Oga, nobody has any problems with you marrying your wife and nobody has any issues with your wife finding love again as single mother if Lamba was not ready to be a husband,but you see that pikin matter,be very careful and behave yourself.Doing all these with the control of your wife just to spite Lamba for not marrying her is very petty.Concentrate on your wife and build your home because marriage is not a child’s play Leave all these social media validations.All I am saying is,show respect to Lamba by not using his daughter as a bait and tool for clout.Do not mind these women hyping u here.They will leave u behind when things go south.When U see most Nigerian women supporting anything a man do so vigorously,U will realise from your analysis that there is something wrong.It is not in their character to support a man this way.It’s just that the situation looks like a win to them over men.They say men are not the prize but they are happy all over the place that Queen got a man.That gender is confused o.They will leave u behind and by the way,be smart in this marriage.WATCH your back.Happy married life 🍻🎉

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