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The Moment Actress Mimi Orijekwe’s Daughter Embarrassed And Exposed Her F@ke Life On IG Live (VIDEO)



Nollywood actress, Mimi Orijekwe is trending on social media after her daughter embarrassed her and exposed her fake life.

The Moment Actress Mimi Orijekwe's Daughter Exposed Her Fake Life On IG Live (VIDEO)

In a recent video making rounds on Instagram, actress Mimi Orijekwe’s daughter revealed the real reason behind her mum’s skin glow, which is different from what her mom has been portraying.

In the video, actress Orijekwe was advertising a skin care brand online, which she expressed is the secret to her skin glow, but her daughter disagreed with her.

The daughter stated that fans shouldn’t trust her mom, because her mom was using a filter to make her skin glow.

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