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“Beware Of Besties”-Lady Warns, Recounts How Her Best friend Married Her Fiance And Organized Wake Keep For Her (VIDEO)



A young lady has urged people to be wary of their best friends, as she recounts how her best friend, married her fiance.

According to the young lady, she was involved in a car accident that caused her to be in a coma for three months.

She explained that, after coming out of coma, she was informed by a friend about the evil deeds of her supposed best friend.

According to her, she was informed that her best friend had announced her death, knowing full well that she was still alive, and had organized a wake keeping for her, which she watched on Facebook.

In addition, she explained that her best friend was to be her chief bridesmaid, but instead her friend married her fiance a month after her own wedding was supposed to be held.

Watch the video below:




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