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“I can Buy Timini” – Zubby Micheal reveals he is The Biggest Actor in Africa and that he is so wealthy that he can easily Buy Nollywood Actor Timini Egbuson (VIDEO)



Nollywood actor, Zubby Michael has bragged that he can buy his junior colleague, Timini Egbuson. Zubby made this statement during the first episode of “Ebuka Turns Up Africa” on Prime. It all started when Timini bragged about being the biggest actor in Africa. Reacting to his statement, Zubby said Timini’s fame doesn’t cross beyond Sagamu. Timini replied by saying Zubby acts in the East where movies are poorly directed.

Zubby responded by saying he is one of the wealthiest and biggest actors in Africa.

In response, Timini said:

You Don’t Know The Sh*t I Have….Because You Have Igbo Connect That You Borrow Their Cars…You Think You’re Wealthy..” 

See video below:

Some reactions online:


90% of igbos especially the ones that look rich both their celebs and non celebs don’t do borrow pose, an Igbo man go rather use leg waka save up buy car than come borrow ur car just to show that he has arrived……….brothers and sisters we igbos are made differently…………1❤️ 🙌


I love Timini but seriously no joke dubby go buy you bro 😂😂


With Timini’s expression and the way he talks, you can tell that his pained. Even tho Zubbh can’t afford him. He just feels embarrassed 😂😂😂


No capping
Three Timini make one Zubby 😎


Timini wey start to act for December una Dey use compare zubby?😒😒


Some talk no dey necessary, he then added , “not from a place of pride” Oga!!!! Na pride ,
See finish no pass like this .


But when it comes to fame and money, Timini can’t lace Zubby’s shoe. Timini is only popular amongst the instagram and streaming generation. Zubby is known everywhere, even well known outside Nigeria. No take Asaba nollywood people fame play O! They might be classless, but they know them reach far.

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