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“He Is Already Using Her Money To Fund His Girlfriend’s Expensive Lifestyle”- Gistlover Makes Strong Allegations Against Newly Wedded Couple, Veekee James & Femi



Popular gossip blogger on instagram, Gistlover, has accused Veekee James husband Femi Atere, of cheating & using his wife’s money to fund the lifestyle of his girlfriend, who has an agreement with him.



"He Is Already Using Her Money To Fund His Girlfriend's Expensive Lifestyle"- Gistlover Makes Strong Allegations Against Newly Wedded Couple, Veekee James & Femi

Gistlover wrote on its page;

Hello tueh tueh, GLB NATION when will all these successful women ever get sense ? When will they stop using money to buy prick, no this one is too early, which kind thing be this, at least respect una honeymoon🤦🏽‍♂️

So the matter be say e get one famous Jesus baby that just got married, although the marriage get plenty coma as the relationship sef started on a faulty background, a certain boss was knacking her younger manager, the friend to the boss came on board and saw that the boss was not ready to get married to the manager just bedmates, she asked her friend(the boss) if she is in a relationship with her manager of which she denied, long story short one thing sha led to another naso oga friend Fall in love with manager oo, prior to this fall in love, this said manager has his own relationship but he needed to save his job hence giving in to the oga in the first place , make we sha no long matter , oga friend sha started a thing with manager then begun funding manager, how much wey oga no git give manager , oga fried Go give manager double, this issue caused a lot of kasala between oga and her friend, manager on the other hand kept assuring his girlfriend say na for the main time make him gather money and leave the two friends drama,this manager prick caused so much kasala that the two friends even stopped talking.

Oga friend wey be tailor shall fall out with oga wey Dey sell hair and launder money, tailor and the manager begin go out, tailor begin spoil manager , give am money back to back where as manager Dey take care of him own girl friend for corner,seeing how the settings of manager family be, tailor wey Don do yansh before decided to give her life to Christ not minding the rubber yansh, whereas na heart God Dey see nor be yansh🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽one thing sha led to another and tailor told manager say she don ready to marry oooo, manager say shuo, I am just struggling , allow me get my balance in life , allow me work so I fit fund my dream wedding more over this is too fast, aunty tailor said no she go borrow the man money when him get he can refund, now she bought choose her own proposal ring ,transferred money to man of the house(manager)to be con


gistloverblog_mediaoutlet Transfered money for ring and told manager to order and they planned the proposal , all along manager is giving update to his real girlfriend, the girlfriend even vex say this whole thing don Dey graduate to marriage but he told her to be calm even bribed her with one fine black lexus, the oga(hairseller) on the other hand Dey tell who care to listen say madam tailor Dey waste her money on man, the gist Was everywhere, make we sha no long matter sha because story yi tife Ma Long Ma shey bayi now 🤣🤣🤣from proposal they sha did their intro well funded from A to Z by the madam tailor she even sent money to the family of the boy,naso the manager real girlfriend vex, confided in one of her close friend that one tell am say make she Dey behind the scene Dey chop money, girlfriend sent all conversations of manager and the tailor wey manger forwarded to her to reassure , girlfriend send that one to her friend as evidence, manager sha settled with the real love of his life ooo, they have been extorting her, according to my source sef them(manager and the girlfriend) Dey plan submit business proposal to madam tailor to fund it, now as them Dey do their own honeymoon the manager sef sponsor him girlfriend trip to Paris for enjoyment all with aunty tailor money , it’s a triangle love life and e Dey very sad say the man Dey maintain the triangle love with aunty tailor money, na aunty tailor pay bride price up to the shoe wey groom wear , the matter went look like Tonto and Churchill saga, I no want make them bankrupt aunty tailor na why I Dey Guete her head ups , business proposal Dey come oooo, run oooooo, na format ooo, in as much as I no want make marriage scatter but na cheating I hate, aunty tailor you fit stay in your marriage ooo but nor too press money,na plan work ooooo, you sef get your own for body oo becuase before all of una turn Jesus baby you and Tolu bally set them, wetin una use men eyes see ehn, that one na story for another day, this one wey I come talk today be say, keep your money oooo, igi ewedu oni wo lu eh ooo, I come in peace 🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽


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