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3 Reasons Why A Man Will Never Take You Seriously – Actress, Rita Edochie Reveals, Advices Women (DETAILS)



Nollywood Actress, Rita Edochie had advised women not to steal other people’s men just because it’s Valentine’s Day.

She then gave women reasons why their men take them for granted.

3 Reasons Why A Man Will Never Take You Serious- Rita Edochie Reveals, Advices Women (DETAILS)

She wrote on Instagram:

“N/b: you must not steal another person’s man today because it’s Valentine, if I hear am, na serious woto woto u go just collect.

“Reasons why that man keeps taking you for granted.

“1. You know he cheats but you choose to stay

“2. You always forgive him easily all the time.

“3. You cry always because of him.

“Just know he is not the only man in the world, if the love that made you accept his marital proposal stops flowing, then you cannot continue with him so you don’t end up passing to the underworld where you have no chance to live again, this doesn’t mean I encourage divorce but na who get sense go fit understand wetin I dey yarn

“So as we celebrate love today, I hope and pray that you find genuine love and happiness from partners who will cherish you forever, not someone who will love you to an extent, then the beast in him surfaces with time.

“I also pray that anybody who envies the beautiful world of marriage that you have, and tries to ruin it by snatching what you hold so sacred, the fire of god will consume him or her because god is a god of true love and when he helps others find love, he will surely help them secure it with his consuming fire.

“Happy blessed Valentine great lovers of Rita Edochie.

“It’s a season of true love, so let us spread it.”

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