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“This Love Is Nwabali The Safe Hands, It Will Catch You When You Are Falling” – Skitmaker, Kie -Kie Pens Heartfelt Valentine’s Message To Her Husband



Popular content creator, Kie-Kie has taken to her social media to pour a heartfelt message to her husband on Valentine’s day. She expressed this in a love letter poem on her Instagram page.

This Love Is Nwabali The Safe Hands, It Will Catch You When You Are Falling" - Skitmaker, Kie -Kie Pens Heartfelt Valentine's Message To Her Husband

Although, it is worthy of note that Kie-Kie is known for not revealing her husband’s identity on social media. The lovebirds relationship is still going strong, nonetheless.

Kie-Kie wrote on her IG:

I wrote you a love letter 🥰
Dear special one,
You’re my own person
And this is to say that I love you
With a love deeper that Of Romeo and Juliet
This love is Nwabali the safe hands it will catch you when you’re falling, quicker than flash can.
Have me on your side and you’ll be flying like the super eagles.
We have something that is realer than Madrid.
You are worth keeping
This is more beautiful than the Maldives and I see you 😉
And on days when your own heart grows tired, I’ll be there to hold you.
But please, never forget you mean alot to me..
I love you 🥰💕
Major shoutout to @ibquake thank you so much hun. I didn’t have the words rightly put together but you brought in your magic and even voiced it perfectly. Love you girl ❤️

mayorlopez_01 commented
Mummy Nola ..easy on single Pringles…

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