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“My Wedding Dress Cost 45 Million Naira”- Veekee James (VIDEO)



Celebrity fashion designer, Veekee James, has revealed her wedding gown cost about $30,000 dollars, which when converted to naira is about 45 million naira.


"My Wedding Dress Cost 45 Million Naira"- Veekee James (VIDEO)


See video below:


Some reactions online:


THE DRESS SHOULD COST LIKE 500k maximum sha because its not giving glamorous at all; i’ve seen cheaper gowns look more expensive and this is the 100% truth. Go to turkey and see amazing designs of gown; i came across a wedding page on ig here in Nigeria too and she makes nice nice gowns too. There’s something about veekee that makes everything she wears look basic and regular; her makeup is always half absent, and her hairs are not always in sync…..



So I go wear 4 bedroom terrace for body to marry who?? Anyhoo, God punish poverty 😩😩😩


Hmmm Femi may God be your strength



Forget about poverty mentality but 45m for just a dress is ridiculous pls I can still spend it on all my dresses but on a dress ???….it’s well


Na una dey ask women what do u bring to the table, now una see woman make dey spend for her husband una still dey complain, wetin una really want tell me? u can’t never please Nigerians, never!🤦🏾‍♂️


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