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“Can’t you respect my wife , can’t you respect yourself” – Singer, Portable lambasts fourth baby mama, Ashabi (VIDEO)



Popular Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola aka Portable has reacted to his fourth baby mama Ashabi Simple’s recent interview.

The young actress was a guest on the Talk To B show where she disclosed details about her relationship with the singer.After the interview clip went viral, the Zazu Zeh crooner took to his Instagram stories to address the issue in a series of rants.

"Can't you respect my wife , can't you respect yourself" - Singer, Portable lambasts fourth baby mama, Ashabi (VIDEO)

Portable was very annoyed with Ashabi’s interview as he strongly criticized her in his posts. The singer asked if Ashabi was alright mentally. He reminded her that he has a wife at home and, as a responsible man, he has to let his side chick know of that.

Furthermore, Portable asked Ashabi if he was married to her. He also noted that even his housewife, Bewaji, wasn’t disturbing her, but she, whom he was sleeping with secretly, is now doing the complaining.

In a subsequent video, Portable clarified that Ashabi got pregnant for him, and he accepted the pregnancy as a responsible man and then upgraded her life. He warned that she needs to respect his wife and not be in any competition with her.

As Portable continued to rant, he revealed that Ashabi had collected his housewife’s number to call her and ask for peace. He asked why she needed to do that and noted that his woman should have beaten her up.

See full video below;

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