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“Wetin I Talk Nor Good” – Phyna Apologies To Nigerian Men



Controversial reality TV star, Josephina Otabor, popularly known as Phyna, has apologised to Nigerian men over a demeaning statement she made in the past.
Phyna admitted that what she opined about men having low self- esteem and being cheap when it comes to sexual relationships was wrong.

Understand that the talented hype lady, in the latest episode of her podcast, Spill With Phyna, opined that men are polygamous because they are “cheap”, and that when women make slight advances towards them they act nice and abased in order to secure something from them.

She continued by saying that a lot of men are married to women who approached them, as she emphasized that men hide their insecurities by shaming women with their body counts.

Her statement was, however, met with heavy backlash from netizens.

"wetin I talk nor good" - Phyna apologizes to Nigerian men

However, commenting on a viral clip of her podcast on X, Phyna admitted that she felt remorseful over her comments and she has seemingly repented from the belief she had about Nigerian men as she wrote:

“I don see am. Wetin I really talk nor good.”

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